On July 9, all roads will lead to the International Centre at 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, for Camp Meeting 2011.  Church members and their friends from Adventist churches all across Ontario will gather together for what many consider to be the highlight of the church’s annual calendar.

Dr. Rex D. Edwards will be the speaker in the adult meetings. He is a renowned preacher who has served the church on three continents (Australia, Europe and North America) and continues to challenge congregations with his captivating sermons.


Dr. Edward’s ministry has been divided into periods when he worked as a pastor-evangelist, college professor, author, editor, video producer, and university administrator. Presently working out of offices at the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, he offers professional growth experiences for clergy and lectures on Ecclesiology, Preaching, and Pastoral Leadership. He has three children, Janelle , Paul, and Shane.

Young Adult’s speaker, Pastor Ryan Simpson, is the Youth Ministries and Pathfinder Ministries director in the Bermuda Conference. He is a preacher, evangelist, church planter, motivational speaker, and youth leader.

Pastor Simpson is frequently invited to speak for various events in North America and the Caribbean. This will be his first visit to Ontario.

He is married to Jo-Ann Cousins with whom he has two children, five-year old Ryan Robert Simpson II (Sebastian), and one-year old Lylah-Elizabeth.

Pastor Simpson loves the Lord, loves people and enjoys his ministry. He is passion-driven, vision and mission motivated, and has an indomitable determination to excel. His philosophy is “The Lord empowers whom He calls.”

For the first time at camp meeting, there will be a separate service planned specifically to meet the needs of teens.  Pastor Ann Roda, often called ‘Pastor for Families’ will be the speaker.  She is responsible for families and children from birth through High School at the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fulton, MD.

Pastor Roda has three goals in life. The first is to “be still and know God”; the second is to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and the third is to lose those last annoying 7 pounds.

God called her to pastoral ministry after she spent 15 years in a corporate career. Her husband Jose Hernandez is a chaplain director with Adventist Health Care.

Children’s Programmes

Provisions are also available for children in Aviation Ballrooms A, B, and C for Kindergarten to Juniors. Parents, please be aware that due to the risk of food allergies, no snacks will be provided for the children. Parents are responsible to provide refreshments for their own children.


Members attending camp meeting have found it useful to carry their own meals for lunch and supper.  No meals will be provided at the International Centre.

Please note that no food is allowed in any of the halls at the Centre.  All members are asked to picnic by their cars or at one of the local public parks (Wildwood Park, 3430 Derry Road East at the corner of Derry Road and Goreway Drive; Humberwood Park at Rexdale Boulevard and Humberwood Boulevard).

Exiting the Centre by Car

To reduce traffic congestion when exiting the International Centre by car at lunch time, members are asked to use both exits—the one on Airport Road and the other on Derry Road to the north of the parking lot.  It is likely that cars will only be able to turn right on Airport Road.  Turning left has greatly contributed to long wait times.  Cooperation with the parking attendants and the police will reflect the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those attending camp meeting.

Live Broadcast

Camp meeting will again be broadcast live via the Internet at www.adventistontario.org.  Both adults’ and young adults’ services will be available for viewing

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